7 Best Islamic Forex Brokers of 2024


As per the previous year’s reports from ‘The Modern Trader’ and BIS, there were around 13.9 million traders taking part in the volatile forex market. Based on recent research done by Professor Robert, this figure is expected to cross 14.5 million in the year 2024. This includes traders from all parts of the world, and will obviously be made up of people with different cultural and religious beliefs. Each religion has established a set of values, ethics and morals that have to be followed by respecting the rules taught by the religion or faith. Speaking about Islamic traders, they are bound by the rules of Islamic finance which may make trading on a regular account quite difficult for them. Many forex brokers are well aware of this fact and have come up with the idea of Islamic accounts, which will allow these traders to participate in forex trading without breaking the rules established by their religion. Read More